• FELTON company named by Dr. FELTON is a high-tech enterprise in the piezo valve field. In pursuit of excellent product performance and technology, the FELTON family has been engaged in the control study in piezo drive and precision valve for more than 50 years. FELTON company, has become a high-profile and professional valve control supplier integrating research and development, design, production as well as service through continuous exploration in technology, process and application.

  • The piezo proportional valve developed by FELTON company is more efficient, more accurate, more energy saving and noiseless than the traditional electromagnetic proportional valve, highly praised by customers for dealing with all sorts of application challenges. The piezo proportional valve makes high-end equipment faster and more accurate, meanwhile, it makes medical equipment lighter, smaller, quieter and more efficient.

  • The products of FELTON company are widely used in fields of industrial automation, semiconductor, life medical health, biomedical, instrument testing and so on. The continuous technical innovation and rigorous professional service of FELTON company can help customers to advance in their fields and make progress together.